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Greatcool@ miniature compressor is mini, light weight and super durable compressor, working quietly, nearly without vibration, energy-saving, by battery, automotive electrical power, electricity supply, or solar etc, because of its stable output, precise control and excellent applicable, so that it meets various demand of portable mobile and micro thermal manage system.
Compressor is the core of refrigeration system, its ability and feature decide to the refrigeration system. This product is mini, light weight, efficient, energy-saving, working quietly without vibration, frequency conversion and easy to control precisely, hence we can say it’s customized for the most advanced refrigeration system, also the best choice for mobile and portable small size thermal manage system. Miniature compressor could be widely used in air conditioning, water chilling system, cooling element of commercial refrigeration.  

1.Household applicants
Wine Storage Household Applicant, Wine Coolers, Ice Cream and Slush Freeze, Mike and Yoghourt Coolers, Countertop Appliances/Refrigerated, Mini Refrigeration, Water Chiller, Refrigerated Buffet Units, Mini Bar, Mini Air Condition, Car refrigerator.
Mini Refrigeration Compressor                               Car refrigerator Compressor

Beverage Dispensers/Refrigerated, Wine Dispensers/Refrigerated, Mike Dispensers, Cooled Display Cases, Drawers/Refrigerated, Marine Refrigerators, Portable Spot Coolers, Reach-In Freezers, Refrigerated Buffet Units, Solar-Powered A/C & Refrigerator, Freeze chiller, Plastics Industry Cooler, Cooling in printing industry, laser cutting cooling, HVAC industry, Dehumidifiers in Industrial and Residential, Telecom/Mobile base station cooling, cooling in marching.

Beverage Dispensers Compressor                                       Refrigerators Compressor

3?Medical Cooling systems
Vaccine/Medical Storage, Vaccine/Medical Transport, MRI Image cooling, Medical Laser Beauty Machine/ Radio Frequency Machine.
miniature DC compressor                               Greatcool Compressor

4?Minitary/ Fire fighting etc
Tent air condition, independent person cooling, radar cooling.
miniature compressor