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With the information construction speed up, data centre is developing to next new step. At the side time Data centre equipment requires advancing also, in the areas of telecommunication, finance, IT, manufacture, education, medicine, government department, rail transit etc. which become the main motive power to increase the demands of the precise air condition in computer room rapidly. According to the statistical data, first half year of 2014, government purchased computer room air conditions reach to rmb175 million, increased 49% comparing the same period in pass years.

Computer room is specially design for modern electrical equipments, it asks for higher precision working, quality reliable than ordinary air conditions. Because of that, there are huge of miniature electronic assemble in the computer room, precision of air condition accessories needing accompany, especially the air condition compressor needs strong dehumidification, precision temperature controller to keep temperature in the proper degree, it should be working stable and reliable, in order to protect the components of the equipments. Considering the computer room in compact space and limited size, so air condition is smaller the better, corn of the air condition-- a smaller size compressor needs. On other hand, there are many different equipments working, will give out heater in the compact area, it decides the air condition with powerful enough to keep the temperature in setting degree.

Greatcool@ compressor only 1.5b, 54.7mm*101mm, smaller than a soda can, but has super refrigeration power, could achieve to the demands of computer room air condition, in other word, it seems greatcool@ compressor specially design for the air condition in the computer room.